30 Most Crazy Fashionable Things to Do Before You Die

There are a list of bucket things you do before you die. But ever thought we could even do things that are highly fashionable which  should definitely be on your to-do list before you die. Here is a  fun post – the 30 most crazy & fashionable things for girls in their to – do list. Read further to know what! Are you ready for it ? 😀

1) Own the most renowned brand in the world ( Eg: Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secrets, Micheal Kors, Chanel..etc)

2) Go shopping to one of the fashion capitals in the world. Be it Paris, Milan or New York! You gotta shop there at least once in your life and get your self clicked with all the shopping bags in your hands.

Image3) Start a Fashion trend of your own – Take a Fashion Risk, go completely crazy on your look. Who knows it might be followed by others in the coming times

4) Attend the world’s most happening and famous fashion show ( The Paris, NY or Milan Fashion week?)

Image5) Be someone’s inspiration or Fashion Idol.

6) Win the ” Best Dressed Title” at any event or party at least once in your lifetime.

7) Dress extremely Wacky on Halloween and try the Gothic look.

Image8) Get your hair globally colored in the color that suits you the best! ( For me it would Dark Brown)

9) Be a stylist for someone on their big-day.

10) Street Shop from India’s hottest shopping places with a limited Budget constraint ( Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or Bangalore)

Image11) Wear your guy’s shirt all day long.

Image12) Have a picture of you in Time square, New York in the complete winter wear. From a perfect Trench coat to a great pair of boots!

13) Take makeup or hair-styling lessons from YouTube and try them on yourself.

Image14) Get featured in a fashion magazine

15) Own the Swarovski Diamonds or Jewelry.

16) Make it to the Red Carpet flaunting an Evening gown.

17) Post your “Outfit of the day” picture on Tumblr or Instagram.Image

18) Have your own online fashion store ( Very common among every fashion lover these days 😉 )

19) Get to meet your favorite fashion designer, Stylist or Inspiration.

20) Have a celebrity look alike dress.

Image21) Post your own beauty/hairstyle video on YouTube

22) Have your own fashion-blog!

23) Wear a Tiara with a Ball gown and go for a party! ( Is that for real? 😛 )

Image24) Auction your clothes to buy new ones.

25) Write a Fashion Book of your own

26) Get a piercing or a Tattoo done
large (4)

27) Over Dress.

28) Get bold with a Red Lip Color.

Image29) Try the Smokey Eye Effect.

30) Have a DIY fashionable thing so that no-one could adapt or copy you.


Hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Leave your comments below or any other to-do Ideas you would like to do before you die.

Love, The Runway Journal ❤

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